Gabe rolls a six sided die twenty times, and records the result in the table below. How many times did Gabe roll above the average? __________3 6 2 3 4__________5 1 4 2 3__________2 2 2 3 1__________5 6 1 3 2__________A. 2B. 3C. 5D. 6

Accepted Solution

Answer:D. 6Step-by-step explanation:The result of 20 rolls in given in the statement we have to find how many times did the roll resulted in a result greater than the average number. So first we have to find the average of the 20 rolls.The formula for the average is:[tex]\frac{\text{Sum of observations}}{\text{Total number of observations}}[/tex]So, the formula for the given case will be:[tex]Average = \frac{\text{Sum of results of 20 rolls}}{20}\\\\ = \frac{60}{20}\\\\ =3[/tex]Thus, the average result from the 20 rolls is 3. Now we have to look for values greater than 3 in the rolls. These are:6, 4, 5, 4, 5, 6So, 6 values in total are greater than 3.Hence, Gabe rolled 6 times above average.