In​ 2009, the national debt of a government was about ​$10.5 trillion. Using 308.0 million as the population for that​ year, about how much was this per​ person? Write the amount in standard notation to the nearest dollar.

Accepted Solution

Answer:34091 dollars per personStep-by-step explanation:In order to answer the question, you have to divide the amount of debt by the amount of population to obtain the amount of dollars per person.The debt was $10.5 trillion. A trillion is a thousand billion  (1000 multiplied by a billion which is [tex]10^{9}[/tex] in scientific notation)1000=[tex]10^{3}[/tex]One trillion is [tex](10^{3})(10^{9})=10^{12}[/tex]The debt is: $ 10.5 x [tex]10^{12}[/tex]The population is scientific notation is: 308.0 x [tex]10^{6}[/tex]Dividing the amount of debt by the amount of population:[tex]\frac{(10.5)(10^{12})}{(308.0)(10^{6})}=\frac{(10.5)(10^{12-6})}{308.0}=\frac{(10.5)(10^{6})}{308.0}[/tex]Simplifying and expressing it in standard notation:34090.9 dollars per personRounding to the nearest dollar:34091 dollars per person.