Tom ordered a jacket at $70, a shirt at $30, and slacks at $38. If sales tax is 6% and the shipping and handling is $10.75, what is the total amount of his order?Question options:$157.03$146.28$87.03$55.95Randy ordered 3 T-shirts for $25.67 each and one skirt for $23.55 and an 8% tax. What is the total cost of the order?Question options:$108.60$77.01$66.03$100.56

Accepted Solution

For question 1, We need to calculate the total, find the tax, then add the shipping cost to the total. (70+30+38=138) now we find the tax (138*0.06=8.28) Now we add the tax and cost together and then the shipping and handling and we have our answer (138+8.28+10.75=157.03) So your answer is A.

For question 2, We need to calculate the total and then find the tax. So, we do this: 25.67*3=77.01. Then we add the skirt to the total (77.01+23.55=100.56). Finally, we calculate the tax cost (100.56*0.08=8.0448). So our total is (100.56+8.0448=108.6048) So the answer is A.