Write the equation of the line of best fit using the slope-intercept formula $y = mx + b$. Show all your work, including the points used to determine the slope and how the equation was determined.

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]y=x+3[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:we know thatThe linear equation in slope intercept form is equal to[tex]y=mx+b[/tex]where m is the slopeb is the y-interceptstep 1Find the slopeTake two points from the graphsee the attached figureabout (37,40) and (47,50)The formula to calculate the slope between two points is equal to [tex]m=\frac{y2-y1}{x2-x1}[/tex]substitute[tex]m=\frac{50-40}{47-37}[/tex][tex]m=\frac{10}{10}=1[/tex]step 2Find the y-interceptwe have[tex]m=1\\point\ (37,40)[/tex]substitute in the linear equation[tex]40=(1)(37)+b[/tex]solve for b[tex]b=3[/tex]thereforeThe linear equation is[tex]y=x+3[/tex]