Getting to Know Pakarena Dance Through it’s History

Indonesia is a country that is famous for its various cultures, one of the cultural elements that are very much in Indonesia is the element of art such as dance. Each region has different types of dance depending on its own purpose and meaning, one of indonesia’s traditional dances is pakarena dance.

Sejarah Toga Dari Pakaian Sehari-hari Hingga Pakaian Bergengsi

This type of dance originated from South Sulawesi , especially in the Makassar, Gowa, and surrounding areas, in contrast to other types of dance in Indonesia. This type of pakaren a danceitself has its own uniqueness which comes from music, dance, floor patterns, clothing, to the properties used in dancing.

This typical South Sulawesi dance has a series of very beautiful movements and can make the audience amazed by the movements performed.  You need to know that this pakarena dance has been known by the public since time immemorial, namely during the Gantarang kingdom.

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Initially this dance was performed as a medium of worship of gods, but gradually with the entry of islamic agam and the occurrence of modernization, the evacuationof this pakarena dance shifted to a medium of entertainment and welcoming when there were regional events that needed entertainment.

Pakarena itself comes from the Makassar language which means to play, for this dance itself is very often associated with a Sulawesi mythology, namely to manurung (People who descend from the sky) who blend into the local community.

This dance itself is usually performed by 4 female dancers accompanied  by drums and puik-puik.  This drum musical instrument is also a traditional musical instrument made of drum heads that are covered with animal skins so as to produce a distinctive sound.

Pakarena Dancer Clothing and Accessories

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Not only does it perform a series of movements, but a dancer also needs to wear appropriate clothes and accessories.  For clothes and accessories that must be used by yourself, you can see the following.

Bodo Shirt

The clothes used are bodo clothes, which are traditional clothes of the Makassar bugis community where this clothes are made of transparent gauze with short sleeve models and are only sewn continuously on the inner sleeves. This shirt has a length of up to lutut and has a rectangular shape.

For the choice of the color of this bodo clothes itself is not arbitrary, because it has a choice of colors that are in accordance with the social stratification of the people who use it.


This bodo shirt is paired with a sarung syang serves as a skirt, for this scabbard itself is  plain yellowish white and does not have a conspicuous pattern. But nowadays , pakarena dancers have worn a variety of various sarongs that match the color of the clothes worn.


The next accessory is that the dancer uses a sniff that is draped on the left shoulder  whose color matches the color of the clothes worn. Not only does it serve as a decoration but also this shawl is moved and occasionally played with the left hand.


In dancing a dancer needs a fan that is used when dancing, this fan is held on the right hand and played according to the movement and tempo itself. For the type of fan itself, it is currently very varied and sometimes sees from the beauty of the fan to be used.

Thus the information about pakarena dance which is a traditional dance of South Sulawesi which has now undergone modernization due to the times.